[MOSAIC] Reading Workshop vs. Daily 5 / CAFE

Andrea Jenkins jenkinsa at oakhillschool.org
Thu Sep 30 14:31:20 EDT 2010

Hi all. Sorry if this is a revisited question. I will be leading my language arts team through an evaluation process between the Daily 5 / CAFE and TC Reading Workshop Units of Study. Right now we have teachers trying both, and to establish a common language, assessments and routines, we need to select one. Already, one teacher has asked the differences are between the two. I can name some, but since I've never taught Daily 5 / CAFE, I cannot speak to it from a teaching perspective. 

Can anyone articulate the differences between the two? 
Has anyone made a switch from one to the other? 
Has your school gone through this process? 

I'd love some feedback and direction here. 

Andrea Jenkins 

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