[MOSAIC] shelfari and goodreads

hccarlson at comcast.net hccarlson at comcast.net
Thu Sep 30 18:47:43 EDT 2010

I always thought that this was a great opportunity to help both parents and students learn how to "sort" through issues that students and parents will meet in their future. I do realize that you need to be sensitive to the area in which you teach. With a Catholic school, I'd probably be more leery. But as a public school educator, I explained to parents that I didn't want to be the final censor for their children. Personally, I am more opposed to extreme violence and didn't mind my own children reading mature books around 7th grade. While I wouldn't allow material that was obviously sexual in nature, I thought some novels like Fallen Angels was important for some students to read. 

My issue was skimming through the different tags and subject headings and 
coming across "sexy books". Great. And one book description described a book 
as being essentially about a sex act for the first 50 pages. I can just 
imagine my seventh graders... 

Whenever you're open to the public there are issues. 

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